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The SafeStor range of UK manufactured steel storage units are much more secure, strong and durable than wooden or plastic garden sheds whille being more compact and easier to build than a brick shed. SafeStor have designed sheds for a range of uses whether your looking to store tools and gardening equipment, a motorcycle, garden furniture or the families bicycles.

The solid steel structure securely protects your items from the weather preventing damage, damp and rot. The structure is created from panels that are bolted together from the inside including a metal base helping to deter thieves who are unable to undo the bolts. This does not effect the safety of the unit for children to be around.

The outdoor storage units are to be placed on a concrete base, this allows them to stand steady and be bolted down, adding maximum safety to your shed. They will deter thieves if they try to break in without any damage occurring to your possessions inside.

All SafeStor products are manufactured at our factory in Hull and quality checked before delivery to guarantee they are of the highest standard.

SafeStor Shed

1. Ventilation System
Our storage units have inbuilt ventilation on the sides of the structure, allowing fresh air to circulate reducing the possibility of condensation. The circulated air can also help dry out damp items that are left in the storage unit and reduce the associated smells. The ventilation system also helps relieve the shed of smells such as that of fishing tackle that if left in a non-ventilated shed could become even more pungent. Find out more about preventing condensation and the SafeStor Ventilation System.

2. Solid Galvanised Steel Construction
All SafeStor products are manufactured from galvanised steel, this provides extra protection from the elements whilst providing strength and security.

3. Built From Within
All SafeStor metal sheds are built from within, this means you can't access or see any bolts on the outside of the unit. This provides a deterrent for thieves targeting sheds as they can't see an easy way to get into the unit. Having the bolts on the inside of the unit reduces the chance of weather damage.

4. Low Maintenance
Once your SafeStor shed is installed it requires very little upkeep. Being manufactured from galvanised steel means that, when compared to wooden sheds, they will need little treatment and are much more reliable all year round. Any required maintenance can be found in our maintenance guide.

5. Self Assemble or Installation Option
SafeStor metal sheds are easy and straight forward to install with clear step by step instructions provided with your purchase. It is recommended two people assemble the shed and on average it will only take a couple of hours to build with no specialist items needed. Here you can find more information about assembling the unit yourself. We do also offer a full installation service where our highly trained installers will build the SafeStor unit on your premises.

6. 10 Year Warranty
At SafeStor we are so confident in the quality of our manufacturing as well as the resistance they provide all our storage units come with a 10 year warranty.

7. Accessories
SafeStor offer a wide variety of shelving options and hooks available for each storage unit helping you customise and make storage easier. All storage accessories are made to the same high quality standards as the shed and the full range can be viewed here.

8. Manufactured in the UK
All SafeStor units are manufactured at our factory in Kingston Upon Hull under strict ISO9001 regulations, guaranteeing quality at every step of the manufacturing process. Find out more about us and why we are so passionate about UK manufacturing.

9. Easy Access Wide Opening Doors
All SafeStor outdoor storage units come with wide opening doors allowing you to quickly take out and put away items. Our larger stor's feature double doors providing even more space for lifting items in and out, so there is now no excuse for not going out on the bike, firing up the barbeque or cutting the grass.

10. Pick and Drill Resistant Locking Mechanism
The majority of our storage units are fitted with anti pick and drill locks (were not it is stipulated on the product description). The handle of the lock is designed to sheer off if someone attempts to force entry into the shed, thus preventing entry and keeping everything safe inside. You can still gain entry with your key however the handle will need to be replaced.

11. Child Safe
Children are always in and out of sheds playing with their toys whether in the garden or at a caravan site, with a SafeStor storage unit there is no worry of them being locked inside and all bolts and screws are covered. Accessorising with a wooden floor will also soften the floor and save the metal from being scratched.

12. Pre drilled
Stors are pre drilled to accomodate a range of accessories allowing them to easily slot in with no fuss. Adding more storage and organisation is quick and easy and your tools are all to hand.

13. Metal Floor
SafeStor sheds are built with a integrated metal floor, making the unit more stable overall plus this makes the unit heavy and even harder to break into. The metal floor can easily be covered if you do not wish to scratch the floor.

See how the SafeStor Metal Stors compare with other sheds and storage units on the market.

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