SafeStor Ventilation System

All SafeStor storage units have a built in ventilation system engineered to keep air circulating by bringing in fresh air and taking out any moisture lingering in the air. The diagram below shows exactly how it works.

SafeStor Sheds

The SafeStor ventilation system dramatically reduces the chance of condensation occuring thus restricting the formation of damp that can cause damage to your stored items. However condensation may still occur particularly in more extreme weather.

We recommend you place your SafeStor shed in a location that allows for constant airflow around the shed rather than tight against a wall or existing shed or near large areas of shrubs and trees which are likely to create condensation.

Placing wet items into your outdoor storage unit may increase moisture, try and wipe down items such as bbq's, bicycles, garden furniture or outdoor clothing before putting them. If our storage units are for your motorcycles we reccommend allowing them to cool down before placing them into your unit.

SafeStor metal garden sheds can be used for long term storage, however it is important to check the contents for signs of damp, particularly after extreme weather conditions. Domestic moisture traps can be purchased cheaply to place in your shed, soaking up any excess moisture that appears.
During wintry conditions brush any snowfall from the shed when possible. If the lock is frozen pour warm water, not boiling, over the lock and wipe dry. If you experience any water ingress after heavy rain be sure to check the joints around this area and reseal them with a silicone sealant if necessary.

Your shed should also not be placed in a position where it can suffer from excessive amounts of sunlight during the summer, as this is important when considering what will be stored in your shed and the damage that could be caused to these items if kept in a hot metal container.

Failure to maintain your SafeStor unit correctly will invalidate your warranty. Any damage caused to your shed by incorrect maintenance or possessions stored within your shed that may be damaged by the weather or condensation are not covered by the SafeStor warranty.

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