Comparing SafeStor to other Sheds

When purchasing a shed particularly if you are wishing to use it to store expensive and important items such as motorcycles then you want the best quality. see the benefits of purchasing a SafeStor shed over other types on the market.

SafeStor Shed

SafeStor ShedThere are a variety of materials available including wood, PVC and aluminium, none of these offer the durability of a steel shed. SafeStor ShedMade of galvanised steel that adds strength, security and weather protection.
SafeStor ShedA lot of metal sheds do not come with a floor, this means they can easily be lifted up or extreme weather can damage them. SafeStor ShedSafeStor units come with a complete metal floor protecting from the wind and adding extra security.
SafeStor ShedSheds made outside of the UK have less checks, inferior quality control, uncomprehensible instructions and poor fittings. SafeStor ShedMade to order in the UK, and quality checked before dispatch resulting in a great quality product being delivered to your door.
SafeStor ShedOther sheds comes with less precise and poorly written instructions increasing build time and leading to construction complications. SafeStor ShedSafeStor's clear, easy to read instructions with a step by step guide and images to make the process of building your shed hassle free.
SafeStor ShedMost sheds come with a basic lock offering little security that often requires your own padlock. SafeStor ShedSafeStor outdoor storage units are built with a multipoint locking system with anti pick and drill properties.
SafeStor ShedLots of other sheds have the bolts on the outside producing an ugly appearance and a weak point that can be exploited by thieves. SafeStor ShedSafeStor sheds have all fittings on the inside reducing access points and increasing security so the shed cannot be broken into.
SafeStor ShedLighter sheds are likely to become damaged in bad weather and can be lifted up or easily broken into. SafeStor ShedSafeStor metal garden storage units are up to 3 times heavier than competitors metal sheds.
SafeStor ShedMost sheds don't come with ventilation making them prone to condensation this can lead to damp damaging your possessions. SafeStor ShedThe SafeStor ventilation system creates fresh airflow which minimises condensation and keeps your stored items dry.
SafeStor ShedNo other shed can be extended as easily as a SafeStor shed. SafeStor ShedYou can buy an extension at anytime and easily increase the size of your SafeStor shed.
SafeStor ShedWooden and plastic units can increase the risk of catching fire especially if lawn mowers and highly flammable products are stored. SafeStor ShedSafeStor metal storage sheds and units will reduce the risk of fire making it one of the safest storage systems on the market.

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