Clessetite Thread Sealant – 50ml

Clessetite Thread Sealant – 50ml



Clessetite Thread Sealant – 50ml

Modern thread sealant of metal pipe joints - and fittings as used in the gas industry – copper, steel, brass, bronze ,aluminium and alloys etc. Conforms to the requirements of BS EN 751 – Standards for Jointing and Sealing Materials for Metallic Threaded Joints in Contact with 1st, 2nd and 3rd Family Gases and Hot Water. And is approved by Clesse Industries for use with their LPG and Natural Gas regulators and equipment.

Suitable for up to 2” pipe diameter - and pressures to 20bar LPG (vapour phase), Nat Gas, Compressed Air. Replaces P.T.F.E. tape and hemp- gives instant sealing against moderate pressure up to 1 bar and 4 bar in a few minutes. Copper, brass or containing zinc cure quickly because of these materials have more free metallic ions. Anaerobic compounds also cure in the absence of air so an opened bottle of Clessetite will not degrade for up to two years.

Easy dismantling even after years of use – due to the liquid PTFE content - Unlike normal locking anaerobic thread sealants Clessetite forms an elastic cured film. Supplied in 50ml bottle.

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